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Hand Tools 

Bonsai shears #1059

These long-reach scissors are perfectly designed for bonsai, floral, craft and horticulture applications.

Floral Shears

Long, pointed needle nose straight blade.

Micro Blade Pruner

Versatile cutting tool with stainless steel blades. Ideal for cutting flowers, fruit and vegetables. Easy to sterilize.


Precision Micro Shear bypass shear w stainless blade

The compact bypass shear offers smooth and precise action. Stainless steel curved blade and heavy duty plastic handle. Overall length is 6”.


Twin-blade precision pruner 

This twin-blade precision pruner has high carbon steel blades that are Teflon coated to prevent sticking. Cuts everything from flowers to packing materials. Ideal for high volume floral/horticulture applications. Fits small hands.


Floral/Thread Snips 

These excellent quality snips offer stainless steel cutting blades and durable ABS plastic handles. They are perfect for fine clipping, including taking cuttings,removing dead foliage, etc. Also commonly used for thread cutting.


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