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Complete Systems 

Sun System 2

Sun System® 2 is a complete lighting system
in which the reflector and ballast are integrated
in the same metal housing.

• Backlit on / off switch
• Steel powder coated housing
• 95% reflective German aluminum interior
• 8 foot grounded power cord
• Chrome wire mounting hangers
• Mogul base socket
• Air-Cooled with optional fittings
• Purchase your choice of lamps separately

NEW Dimensions: 22.4” L x 12.6” W x 7.4” H

* • If Metal Halide lamps are used in Horizontal reflectors, for UL listing glass needs to be purchased separately.
• Glass not required for UL listing when using HPS lamps.
• All Sun System® 2’s are wired for 120 volt unless specified otherwise.

Sun System 4 #63

Now 175 watt MH & 150 watt HPS

This small light fixtures perfect for small garden areas, seedling starts orfor growers on a budget!

• Energy efficient – but delivers the high output that H.I.D. lights provide…
MH 175 = 13,500 lumens / HPS 150 = 16,000 lumens (Note: as a reference point – a 100 watt incandescent lamp emits 1,260 lumens)
• Steel powder coated housing
• 8 foot grounded power cord
• Medium base socket
• Chrome wire mounting hangers
• 95% reflective German aluminum interior
• 5 Year Warranty
• Fixtures are priced without lamps. Please purchase your choice of lamps separately.

* SIZE: 15” long x 9.5” wide x 5.7” high


SUN SYSTEM® 3 Commercial Greenhouse Fixture #51

MHMetal Halide –
Best light source if little or no natural light is available. Promotes growth. Functions as a primary light source.
HPSHigh Pressure Sodium –

Best light source if used in conjunction with natural light. Promotes flowering /fruiting. Functions as a supplementary light source.
• Designed to withstand damp, hostile conditions found in greenhouse environments providing years of performance and reliability.
• The Sun System® 3 features an exclusive extruded aluminum ballast enclosure that will never rust. Powder coated in our signature green for a durable and attractive appearance.
• The Sun System® 3 is UL and CUL listed for damp locations.
• Our Sunstar™ reflector is made from 95% reflective German aluminum. This material was designed specifically for high performance lighting fixtures. It offers the best output & diffusion properties available in the lighting industry.
• Our exclusive Sunstar™ reflectors were specifically designed for greenhouse
applications. They feature outstanding uniformity and superior light levels.
• Computer generated lighting layouts available at no charge.
• Features major brand lamps and ballasts.
• Available in 120, 208, 240, 277, & 480 V.
• Mounting hardware included.
• 2 Yr. replace or rebuild warranty
• All ballasts are wired 120 volt unless specified otherwise.
• For 240 volt: Add suggested retail $4.95, & For 480 volt: Add suggested retail $16.95
• Twist lock male plugs are available. Call for quote.
• Please specify operating voltage.
• Above pricing is for the fixture with a 6’ – 120 volt power cord or 6’ of 16 gauge 3 wire cord with no plug on the end (for hard-wired applications).
• Glass required for UL listing on MH fixtures. Purchase separately for suggested Retail $14.95.
• Purchase your choice of lamps separately.
Note: Sun System® 3 is a build-to-order product. Lead Time is 1 – 3 weeks.